Dropshipping API

How to create an API KEY and Integrate with the website.


If you want to start a dropshipping business selling products from any of the Getshop Today wholesalers, continue watching this video where I explain how to do it.

Step 1

Here on this page, you can see all the wholesale suppliers within Getshop Today network. Our wholesaler review system indicates how well their service has been up until now. You can create an API with one or with multiple wholesalers. In this example, we are choosing
“UK Accessories” as our wholesale supplier.

Step 2

When you are in your wholesaler website click on the Login button and fill in the registration form.

Step 3

Once you have completed the registration, you may have to verify your email (it varies from supplier to supplier). To do this, simply go to the email account with which you registered, find the signup confirmation email from your wholesale supplier and click on the verification link inside the email.

Step 4

Now you can log into the account with the wholesaler you have just created. When inside the account, please first make sure all the requested information, especially in the Personal Information tab and the Address tab has been duly provided. If you don’t provide full
information, you will not be able to request the API.

Step 5

When this is done, click on the tab “API KEY”, then click on the blue button “API Key Request”. In the pop-up, please provide your eCommerce shop link as well as enter some information about the purpose of your dropshipping API (for example, what kind of retail
shop you own and why you would be a good fit as a dropshipping partner to this particular wholesaler). When all the information has been entered, click on the “Request API” button.

Step 6

Once the wholesaler accepts your API key request, the API key information will be visible in your account with that particular wholesaler.

Step 7

Log into your own online shop admin panel and under “eCommerce management” find “Dropshipping” section. In “Dropshipping” section, choose “GT Dropshipping”. Click on the orange button “Add API Key”.

Step 8

Now navigate back to your account with the wholesaler shop and copy the store link. Next, paste the store link into your own website’s API window. Do the same for Store Name, App ID and Client Secret ID. When all fields have been completed, click on Submit. You have now successfully integrated your wholesaler API! Now you can search and add the wholesaler’s products from within your own admin panel.
To learn how to add wholesaler products into your retail online shop, please watch the next video. Lastly, it is important to note that you need to have a normal retailer eCommerce shop built with Getshop Today platform. Only then you will be able to use our wholesale-to-retail
dropshipping API.

If you find it hard to complete any of the steps, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Visit www.getshop.today and click on the contact page. There you will find all the relevant contact information.