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"Dropshipping UK" is a dropshipping wholesaler based in the UK. We are unique in our field because we are providing automatic dropshipping API to our clients. The API is operated via Getshop Today platform and it allows our retailers to import product listings from our website into their retail website by a one-click process.

Please visit this web page to know more about how to integrate with our API with your website and import dropshipping products automatically.

Automatic API also means that the stock update will be done automatically from our wholesale database to your retail website, so you will never find yourself in a situation that you are trying to sell dropshipping items that are out of stock in our warehouses.

Our system also allows retailers not only to sell our dropshipping products in their own website but also to automatically integrate with third-party marketplaces such as eBay, Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to that, all our wholesale prices are inclusive of delivery fees for UK mainland addresses. We ship in 3-5 days which makes us stand out from other dropshipping providers which usually have much longer shipping times.

Choose Dropshipping UK for the best value for money dropshipping products across a range of products lines.